Oxygen absorbers

Oxygen Absorbers
Food and Pharmaceuticals  

Oxygen Absorbers in food storage

Unlike desiccants, Oxygen absorbers have not been around forever, but like desiccants they are now widely recognized by industry and the military as the best way to maintain shelf life stability in food and for long periods of time.

The chart below illustrates the efficacy of the three most widely used methods of food preservation.


Packaging MethodResultsBenefits
Oxygen AbsorbersReduces and maintains oxygen content in packaging to below 0.01%

Eliminates aerobics microbial growth and oxidative chemical reactions in packaging

Vacuum & Back FlushAchieves as little as 0.1% residual oxygenControls aerobic microbial growth temporarily*
Gas FlushingAchieves approximately 0.5% to 5% residual oxygenProvides some control of aerobic microbial growth*


*Mold has been shown to grow in 20 days at 25 deg C at 0.2% residual oxygen (From "Techniques for the preservation of food by employment of an oxygen absorber," Nakamura and Hoshino, 1983)


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